Dinner Menu

Wednesday – Sunday 4:30 – 8:00pm

(Friday and Saturday: 4:30 – 9:00 pm)

Take advantage of 25% off all our wines with every food purchase! (Takeout only) Ask for recommendations on Greek and California pairings!

Orektika – Appetizers

 Housemade spreads – 6 each

Served with housemade pita bread

Tzatziki – Melitzanosalata – Taramosalata – Tyrokafteri

Platter of all spreads – 20

Kolokithokeftedes – 13

Zucchini fritters served with tzatziki

 Saganaki – 13

Fried kefalogravyera cheese finished with lemon and oregano

Psito Oktopodi – 17

Wild caught Mediterranean grilled octopus

Kalamarakia tis skaras – 16

Grilled kalamari, over fennel, topped with a Kalamata olive tapenade

Garides sto fourno – 16

Oven baked tiger prawns in a lightly spiced olive oil garlic sauce

Arnisia plevrakia – 17 

Lamb riblets grilled, finished with Orexi dressing and fresh oregano

Gigantes – 14

Baked giant white beans in house tomato sauce, topped with feta 

Spanakopita – 13

Spinach and feta wrapped in phyllo dough


Greek Salata – 13

Topped with feta, oregano, XVOO, red wine vinegar

Mixed Salata – 13

Organic mixed salad, manouri cheese, toasted walnuts, balsamic vinaigrette

Octopus Salata – 17

Grilled Mediterranean octopus tossed with arugula, cherry tomatoes, red onions 

Avgolemono – 9

 Traditional chicken lemon soup 

 Paradosiaka piata – Traditional dishes

Paidakia – 43

Lamb chops grilled, seasoned to perfection, roasted Greek potatoes and Brussels sprouts 

Arnisio Kotsi sto Fourno – 36

Slow braised lamb shank in red wine sauce served with orzo, topped with kefalotyri cheese

Brizola – 45

Grilled, dry-aged 16-oz ribeye steak, Greek potatoes, roasted Brussels sprouts, Orexi dressing

Moussaka – 26

Traditional baked dish with layers of eggplant, potato, ground lamb and beef, topped with bechamel

Kota tis souvlas – 27

Organic free-range rotisserie chicken, Greek potatoes, roasted Brussels sprouts

Lavraki – 34

Mediterranean Seabass, grilled, with or without bones, steamed greens and Orexi dressing

Solomos tis skaras – 27

Grilled salmon served with green lentils, topped with oregano pesto

Ipoglossa Psiti – 31 

 Wild Alaskan halibut, grilled, mixed sautéed mushrooms, lemon caper sauce

Oven-Baked Flatbreads

Ladenia – 28

Oven-baked flatbread with tomatoes, olives, feta, and caramelized onions topped with mitzithra

 Orexi – 29

Roasted garlic, mushroom, house-made Greek sausage, mozzarella, chopped scallions, fresh arugula

Greek – 28

Fresh tomato, bell peppers, red onion, olives, mozzarella and feta on fresh oregano pesto

Mikra piata – Side dishes

Patates tiganites – 9

Greek fries, tossed with feta cheese and oregano

Horta – 9

Steamed seasonal greens dressed with XVOO and lemon  

Mapakia – 11

Roasted Brussels sprouts topped with Orexi dressing

Manitaria – 13

Wild mushrooms sautéed in XVOO

Fakes – 8 

Green lentils in fresh tomato sauce topped with feta cheese

Tiri me elies- 9 

 Kalamata olives with feta cheese 

 Homemade Warm Pita bread

Small 2.5 / Large 4.5

Trays of moussaka and pastitsio available for pick-up next day!

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